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Invest in the next-generation sweetener that has
the makers of Splenda® running scared

“Read on for 7 irresistible forces that have already doubled this stock and that could hand you 150% gains
in 18 to 24 months!”

Get in now to turn $10,000 into $25,000

Here’s why…

  • This company’s patent-pending natural sweetener is better tasting—and better for you—than Splenda or anything else on the market
  • Its products are selling in 3,000 stores—soon to be 5,000—
    including A&P, Whole Foods and Publix®
  • It’s run by a CEO who sold his last company to Pepsi® where he increased sales by 950%
  • Organizations like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation are calling this natural sweetener an “amazing product”

Dear Cautious Investor,

You may have seen me on FOX TV or heard me on the radio, commenting on the economy and giving my investment recommendations.

Although the news isn’t always great, I believe it’s possible to find stocks that can give you profits of 100%, 250%—or even 400%.

No matter what you think about a market that hinges on a dysfunctional government payday loans irvine ca, anti-business regulations, fruitless interventions and rising taxes…

You can still make money—big money.

You see, there are little-known bargain stocks out there that can generate huge returns if you get in ahead of the crowd—stocks that can double or triple your profits in less than 2 years.

And despite what Obama, Geithner and Bernanke are doing to the economy, I believe now is the time to invest in low-cost stocks—especially if you’d like to make back what you lost in the 2008–2009 crash and recession.

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7 post-crash criteria that could
hand you stock gains of 100% to 400%

My name is Charles Payne. I’m the CEO of Wall Street Strategies, Inc., an independent stock research company and editor of the investment newsletter Common Sense. I also appear frequently on the FOX Business Network and host my own radio show.

Over the past 18 years, my subscribers and clients have made a killing by taking profitable advantage of my proprietary 7-PLUS stock selection system. For example…

  • TCK skyrocketed from $3.91 to $28.30—a stunning 623.7%
    gain in 5 months!
  • VIP climbed from $7.19 to $14.60—a 103.1% gain in 3 months
  • HGSI soared from $3.15 to $16.87—a 435.6% gain in 5 months!

To uncover winning stocks like these, I focus on the 7 critical factors that make up my 7-PLUS stock selection system. They are:

  1. Industry growth potential
  2. Experienced management
  3. Explosive product
  4. Established or fast-growing sales
  5. Undiscovered by the masses
  6. Takeover potential
  7. Low-priced stock

If a stock meets all of these criteria, I believe it has the ability to produce profits of up to 400% for all of investors, usually in 18–24 months.

But when I’m on TV or radio, I have very little time to get into details of just a single stock idea, especially one that is meant to be a longer-term investment.

That’s why I started my online newsletter, Common Sense. In it, I provide detailed information on stocks I think are worthy of building longer-term positions in that I don’t have time to fully explain on the air.

What’s more, nothing else out there compares to…

  • My 7-PLUS stock selection system
  • My economic and political insights and commentary
  • And my solid view of market trends to help you more successfully
    grow your portfolio.

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Now I’d like to tell you about an obscure company called NXT Nutritionals that I’m recommending now—and show you how it measures up to my 7-PLUS criteria and why this stock has already doubled—and could potentially double again. This will give you valuable insight into what you can expect to find in my newsletter and why…

I love finding companies like NXT

These types of companies are what entrepreneurship, investing and the free market system are all about.

NXT produces and markets a revolutionary natural sweetener that’s used as a basic ingredient in all of its products, starting with its Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies.

However, because of limited air time, I can’t tell viewers everything they need to know about hidden gems like this.

But in my newsletter, Common Sense, I can provide you with all the detailed information you need to achieve potential gains of 150% or more in the next 18 to 24 months.

And now that I’ve uncovered the incredible potential of this company, you should know about…

7 irresistible forces that could turn
this health builder into a wealth builder

The bottom line is that NXT meets all 7 of my criteria. And that means it could turn a $10,000 investment into $25,000 in the next 18 to 24 months.

You see, this company markets SUSTA™ Natural Sweetener—a proprietary, patent-pending healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners—as both a stand-alone sweetener and as an ingredient in all of its food and beverage products.

My wife and son love their Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies
and always keep one on hand

It all started when I tried a mixed berry yogurt smoothie. I put it down for just a moment and my 12-year-old son grabbed it, drank some…and wouldn’t give it back!

That’s when I knew this drink had potential. (My son has found winners in the past from Hasbro to Zumiez.) As I researched the company further, I found that what made the smoothie unique was the naturally sweet taste of SUSTA™ Natural Sweetener.

To show you just how good this sweetener tastes…I’m not allowed to touch my son’s or my wife’s supply if I happen to run out of my own.

That alone suggests this should be an exceptional opportunity to make money.

Of course, I still did my homework. And now that my in-depth research is complete, I’ll tell you how NXT measures up to my 7-PLUS system.

For starters, NXT has incredible…

1. Industry growth potential

This natural sweetener could grow more popular
than Splenda® and Equal® combined

That’s because SUSTA is a low-glycemic natural sweetener with less than 5 calories. It’s the ideal sugar and artificial sweetener substitute for people looking to lose weight, control their blood sugar or improve their overall health.

Combined with the highly effective way NXT markets its products, SUSTA could soon experience rapid growth, catapulting its share of the market past popular artificial sugar replacements like Splenda and Equal.

In fact, NXT plans to market this innovative product in three categories.

  • SUSTA Natural Sweetener (table-top alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners)
  • SUSTA ingredient (beverages, cereals, baked goods, dairy products, candy and chewing gum)
  • NXT/SUSTA-branded products (Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies, beverages, water, nutritional bars and supplements)

SUSTA not only helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, it’s something that every one of the 20 million diabetics in this country can enjoy on a regular basis—without endangering their health. I’d say…

The health benefits alone
make this a stunningly sweet deal

SUSTA is the only natural sweetener on the market that combines prebiotics (soluble fiber) and probiotics (beneficial bacteria that’s released in your digestive tract) to help improve your body’s intestinal microbial balance, thus inhibiting pathogens and toxin-producing bacteria.

Plus, the soluble fiber in SUSTA rapidly converts into high-octane fuels (short-chain fatty acids) using the bacteria in your stomach and intestines. This fuel source also helps you fight off diseases and better absorb the minerals in your diet.

SUSTA has proven to be MUCH better
for you than sugar and artificial sweeteners

Because it’s both sweet and nutritious, people can use SUSTA just like they would table sugar or other artificial sweeteners. But with one very big difference.

SUSTA Natural Sweetener stabilizes your blood sugar and provides you with protective nutrients, making it perfect for diabetics, people on diets, people proactively managing obesity, people who are into fitness and health, as well as mothers who don’t want their children to have those annoying sugar highs.

Proprietary and patent pending

In fact, a recent university study showed that SUSTA provided superior performance in keeping people’s blood sugar lower and in better balance than competing products did.

This means less stress to your system and greater, long-lasting energy.

How? With its one-of-a-kind, proprietary blend of inulin fiber, fructose, botanical extracts, natural flavors, vitamins, minerals, probiotics and prebiotics. Plus, SUSTA is completely free of any synthetic or processed chemicals.

And because it’s already patented in several countries and has a patent pending in the United States, it can’t be imitated or equaled.

What’s more, SUSTA is the kind of product that can win over the hearts and minds of Americans as easily as their all-natural Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies have won over my family and me. That’s because like so many families, we’re ready to…

Just say NO to both
sugar and artificial sweeteners

Research studies have shown that chemical sugar replacements like Splenda fool your body into reacting the same way it responds to sugar, a phenomenon known as “metabolic syndrome.”

As consumers become more aware of metabolic syndrome and how it can cause pre-diabetes, experts predict there will be a quantum shift from sugar and artificial sugar substitutes that promote diabetes to naturally sweet alternatives like SUSTA.

The good news is that SUSTA doesn’t cause metabolic syndrome—a group of factors that increase your chances for heart disease, diabetes and stroke—unlike chemical-based artificial sugar replacements such as Splenda.

In fact, SUSTA can help alleviate type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

With its stunning potential to improve the health of millions of customers who want or need to avoid sugar and any artificial sweeteners—coupled with the incredible growth of this market—NXT is in a great position to take a very large slice of the $2.2 billion artificial sweetener industry.

You’ll get all the details about NXT in a new Special Report I’ve completed called How NXT Nutritionals Is Poised to Take Over the Multibillion-Dollar Sweetener Industry. Get your FREE copy when you click here to subscribe to Common Sense within the next 10 days.

Now, let’s move on to the second standard I use to judge the profit potential of a stock:

2. Experienced management

This company has the brainpower and
marketing savvy to reach its goals

NXT has assembled a top-notch management and marketing team with the experience to lead the company to steady growth and profitability.

Here are a few of the major players…

Michael McCarthy, President and CEO—McCarthy is an entrepreneur and executive with more than 25 years of experience in the industry. He’s best known for taking Pepsi Cola®’s Juice Creations product line from $6 million to $63 million in sales in just 12 months—a 950% increase.

He also played an important role in negotiating for and subsequently integrating Hawaiian Punch into the Pepsi-Cola system, which increased sales more than 500%.

Richard Jordan, Executive Vice President and General Manager—Jordan brings an unprecedented record of more than 24 years of sales success in the food industry. Working his way up the ladder in various positions at Nabisco Brands, he learned the ins and outs of food distribution, operations, sales and marketing.

Prior to his current position at NXT, Richard was director of sales for Healthy Dairy, LLC, now a wholly owned subsidiary of NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc., where he led the product’s initial penetration into the market and its subsequent rapid sales growth.

Dr. Richard L. Kozlenko, Consulting Director of R&D and Quality Control—Dr. Kozlenko is a physician, researcher, inventor and author. He developed NXT’s Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies and its newest cola formulation. He has also scored a number of other impressive successes, including innovations in nutraceuticals, energy bar formulations and nutritional beverages.

With such a stellar management team, NXT is ready to reach for the brass ring while handing you potential gains of 150% or more.

3. Explosive product

The health, diet and natural foods
markets are exploding

Topping the list of the latest trends in healthy foods are new uses for probiotics—and they’re just starting to burst out into the mainstream.

Currently leading the money race is Dannon’s Activia® yogurt, which racked up more than $150 million in its first year of sales in the United States.

Additionally, I discovered these compelling facts:

  • 50 million Americans diet each year.
  • Consumers spend more than $30 billion a year on diet foods, diet sodas, diet books and videos, fitness clubs and related services.
  • Despite the economic downturn, sales for all natural and specialty food sales rose to $48 billion in 2008, an 8.4% increase over 2007.

But NXT isn’t content with just talking about its potential. Already, the company’s Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies has begun to penetrate the $3.5 billion yogurt market through limited distribution.

And with the total yogurt market growing at a rate of 5% annually in the United States—and 10% globally—I guarantee NXT is working overtime to come up with new ways to mine the revenue from this mother lode of natural sweeteners. For example…

The $70.4 billion soft drink market
is their next big target

NXT has created a unique cola formulation with SUSTA, and in preliminary blind taste tests, it’s beaten out both Pepsi® and Coca-Cola®.

But here’s the best part: SUSTA is twice as sweet as sugar but has only a fraction of the calories.

This new cola formula will give the soft drink titans a run for their money—particularly in the diet segment—and sales could soar into the stratosphere, potentially turning a $10,000 investment into $25,000 in the next 18 to 24 months.

This isn’t a pipe dream; this company already has an aggressive business model in place. Plus it has…

4. Established or fast-growing sales

With rising sales, plenty of people know about
the great taste—including me

NXT has already demonstrated its ability to monetize SUSTA when its Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies piled up an impressive $2 million in sales last year.

As you may have guessed, my family is personally responsible for a whole bunch of those sales!

Turning a breakthrough idea
into a growing business

The thing is, NXT’s products are now selling in more than 3,000 supermarkets across the country—including leading chains like A&P, Whole Foods, Associated Food Stores, Kings, Pathmark®, ShopRite®, Key Food, Superfresh and 14 other large supermarket chains.

And plans are in the works to add 2,000 more stores!

As a result, sales of Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies alone are expected to quadruple as SUSTA spreads to even more supermarket chains throughout the country.

Naturally, I wanted to learn more about the top guy at NXT and his plans to deliver record profits. So I picked up the phone and called Michael McCarthy, the president and CEO of NXT, who took Juice Creations from $6 million to $63 million in sales—in just 12 months!

He told me that SUSTA is better than anything else on the market—bar none—and that’s why it’s destined to be a market leader.

McCarthy then pointed out why he thought SUSTA was poised to replace Splenda and Equal in the $2.2 billion artificial sweetener industry—an industry in which Splenda has 60% of the market.

And from what I learned independently, I agree.

You’ll discover all my findings about NXT Nutritionals in How NXT Nutritionals Is Poised to Take Over the Multibillion-Dollar Sweetener Industry. A $39 value, this Special Report is yours FREE when you subscribe to Common Sense within the next 10 days. Just click here.

Now let’s move on to my next criteria…

5. Undiscovered by the masses

Most investors have never heard of
this stock—and that’s good

Once news of NXT’s incredible profit potential hits the Street, I fully expect the stock to skyrocket.

The good news is that you still have time to get in now—before Wall Street catches on and starts recommending this stock to everybody and their brother, or the mainstream media features NXT on their programs, magazine covers and websites.

(Yes, this company’s potential is really that big!)

And that means if you invest early enough, you could realize spectacular profits of 100% to 400% from NXT’s next round of expansion.

With everything NXT has going for it—including the introduction of SUSTA 50-packet boxes in April 2009, I’m going on record in my newsletter, Common Sense, about the company’s…

6. Takeover potential

This company could make millions
for early investors

As sales of natural products hit record levels, companies like NXT are becoming takeover targets for food conglomerates and other large multinationals…especially those that are trying to enhance their eco-friendly credentials.

In recent years, Kellogg Co. paid $122 million to buy Wholesome & Hearty Foods Co., the parent company of Gardenburger® and Bear Naked®, the maker of the top-selling granola.

The Clorox Company, which was trying to “green up” its image, paid $925 million for Burt’s Bees®, the manufacturer of natural personal care products.

Whether NXT remains an independent company or is acquired, it still represents an exceptional profit opportunity for shrewd investors.

That’s why I believe NXT Nutritionals—with its SUSTA Natural Sweetener, Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies and healthy cola formulation—is well-positioned to take advantage of the growing health, diet and natural food trends, making it an extremely attractive acquisition target.

For more on why I’m so confident that NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. (NXTH.OB) could be my next 400% winner, claim your FREE copy of my new Special Report, How NXT Nutritionals Is Poised to Take Over the Multibillion-Dollar Sweetener Industry (a $39 value). It’s yours FREE when you subscribe to Common Sense within the next 10 days. Just click here.

And that brings us to the last component of my 7-PLUS stock selection system…

7. Low-priced stock

Get in on the ground floor—before this stock soars

Not one of the 6 other factors that I’ve noted is reflected in the stock’s low price!

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen some of the potential profit scenarios outlined in the sidebar of this special online report. If not, I urge you to take a look at them now.

This is important because if you had increased $10,000 in NXT when I first recommended it at $1,00, you’d now have $20,000. But it’s not too late…because you could still see gains of 150% or more in the next 18 to 24 month.

As you can see, I’m confident about the future of NXT Nutritionals. And I’ll share all the details in a new Special Report I’ve completed called How NXT Nutritionals Is Poised to Take Over the Multibillion-Dollar Sweetener Industry (a $39 value). A copy is yours FREE when you click here and subscribe to Common Sense within the next 10 days.

Among other things, you’ll discover how I looked beyond the 7-PLUS system that I use in my Common Sense newsletter to uncover several more critical factors in NXT’s success, including the fact that…

This is one company that won’t need
a government bailout

After all, this company has created the right product at the right time and knows how to market it nationwide. And that gets me excited not only about investing, but also in our free market system, which has taken some real hits lately.

Even so, the government could play a large role in NXT’s success. That’s because it plans to slap taxes on sugar-based and high-fructose corn syrup-based sodas made by NXT’s competitors.

Plus, it’s quite likely that the White House will mandate the use of sugar-based fuels, resulting in wider use of sugar-based ethanol, that will raise the price of sugar around the world.

More importantly, there’s already a global sugar deficit without a mandate for alternative fuels.

And the facts back this up. The Reuters mid-year sugar poll forecasts that global sugar output will stand at a median of 157.7 million tons in 2009–2010. However…

Sugar consumption through 2010
predicted to reach 163 million tons

Up almost 3 million tons from the previous year, this increased demand will cause sugar supplies to fall and prices to soar as demand grows.

With sugar at a 28-year high and leading manufacturers complaining that they could run out of it, there could be a major shift among producers and consumers.

For example, the push by the Obama administration to tax sugar-based sodas and snacks to help pay for the president’s healthcare plan will create huge domestic financial opportunities for sugar alternatives like SUSTA. That’s why…

NXT’s plans to enter the soda market
is a potential slam-dunk for investors

Already, the company has drawn up plans to enter the soda market, which I view as a sure thing.

That’s because NXT could enjoy an enormous windfall if the White House penalizes certain dietary habits and then begins to reward those who invest in creating a longer, healthier life.

It’s still early, but if the current healthcare bill becomes law, I suspect follow-up measures will include financial incentives for using sugar alternatives as well.

That’s because the White House seems to know the best way to address the healthcare dilemma in America is to influence eating habits. And the best way to influence habits is through the pocketbook.

On top of that, today’s concerned moms are always on the lookout for healthier alternatives to sugary sodas and super-sweet juices to keep their kids from bouncing off the walls.

These gatekeeper moms are sure to storm the shelves for products like SUSTA Natural Sweetener, Healthy Dairy Yogurt Smoothies and NXT’s healthy cola formulation, which will all help promote healthy blood sugar levels and might even save them money, too.

This demand will make SUSTA even more attractive to soft drink makers and other companies that produce low-calorie foods.

All of these factors—combined with the 7 criteria I outlined earlier—could translate into an excellent opportunity for you to…

Reap potential profits of 150% if I’m totally
right about where this stock is headed

Of course, because we’re talking about a small cap business, I expect the company to face challenges typical for businesses of its size. But I’m still convinced that NXT’s advantages over its rivals will soon make it wildly successful.

So start maximizing your profits today. Because as word gets out, NXT and my other millionaire-making picks could blast off at any time.

These are the types of stocks
you’ll find in Common Sense

Now you have a taste of the type of stocks I typically recommend…the ones I generally don’t have time to mention on my radio show or when I’m appearing in a segment for the FOX Business Network.

And you can get the scoop on all these stocks—plus detailed reports on the ones I mention briefly on the air—by subscribing to Common Sense, the newsletter I created to help investors like you make the profits they deserve.

But I must warn you: Don’t expect me to say flattering things about Wall Street or corporate America. My only goal is to help people like you make money. And I have a well-earned reputation for bucking the system and going my own way—a path that’s proven exceptionally profitable for both me and my subscribers.

Here’s what you can count on
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  • You’ll receive the best stock guidance available from anyone, anywhere
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  • You’ll find new ways to enrich your portfolio using my 7-PLUS system
  • You’ll learn about stocks when most investors know nothing about their profit potential

In fact, every month you can expect a wide range of tips, tricks and time-tested techniques for transforming today’s economic crisis into the biggest profit opportunity of your lifetime! With Common Sense, you can…

  • Find out what’s really happening with the economy
  • See where the market is headed—and start planning for it
  • Figure out what to expect from the government
  • Safeguard your financial security by avoiding stocks that have already seen their greatest growth as well as other supposedly “safe” stocks

Common Sense can also help you protect your wealth as the current economic crisis continues to unfold—while taking full advantage of well-hidden, but highly lucrative investment opportunities.

That’s why I urge you to subscribe to my newsletter now by clicking here. It’s the only way you can keep up-to-date with and reap huge rewards from my recommendations on NXT Nutritionals (NXTH.OB) and other high-profit-potential stocks.

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Charles Payne sig
Charles Payne
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Charles Payne’s Common Sense Newsletter

P.S. I believe NXT Nutritionals (NXTH.OB) could be one of the fastest-rising stocks in 2009 and 2010. This is the kind of stock that once it gets moving could rally fast, so there’s a sense of urgency to beat the crowds. Especially since I think this stock will skyrocket in the next few months.

P.P.S. Start your subscription to Common Sense within the next 10 days and get a FREE copy of my latest Special Report: How NXT Nutritionals Is Poised to Take Over the Multibillion-Dollar Sweetener Industry—a $39 value. But don’t delay…this FREE Special Report is available only while supplies last. Click here to claim up to 5 FREE Special Reports with your subscription.

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Charles Payne
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